Harness your data with Reporting Services
Gain valuable business insights

Use SQL Server Reporting Services for on-demand reports

Imagine this scenario:

Your company uses Sage 500 for accounts, SuperOffice for your CRM and ManageEngine for your helpdesk, all using a licensed Microsoft SQL server.

In this case, you get to use SSRS and there are no licensing implications.

But then Microsoft SSRS requires resources to understand, customise, and integrate disparate data sources to generate reports. Your IT team is stretched, and does not have the bandwidth for real-time report generation.

Your current Excel reporting is clunky, laborious, and intimidating. You need a fresh approach.

This is exactly where ReportWriters can help you.


How we work with Microsoft SSRS for your company

Make life easy for your teams and your CEO with reports that make sense for them.

ReportWriters will help you with the following

  1. Study your business requirements
  2. Make sense of your data
  3. Set up Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  4. Integrate multiple apps across your offices with Microsoft SRSS
  5. Build reports and dashboards

Save your company precious hours. Stop wasting expensive resources.

  1. Why waste hours generating your own reports in Excel every month?
  2. Why go through the hassle of generating custom reports for departments every 5 minutes?
  3. Why endure the repetitive pain of collecting data from disparate systems?

Get Reports from Professional Database Analysts

Unlock your data for instantly actionable insights

Get customised reports and dashboards tailored to departmental needs

Save hours of expensive manual reporting each month

Eliminate nasty surprises and costly mistakes because data isn’t visible

Get quick turnaround from and experienced, efficient, attentive team


Our 5 painless steps to generate custom business intelligence reports

  1. 1

    Identify your pain points (repetitive manual processes, poor data visibility etc)

  2. 2

    Produce a list of suggested reports, systems to use, indicative timelines and costs

  3. 3

    Sign off and co-ordinate with your IT to access your data

  4. 4

    Produce reports and refine with you until you're satisfied

  5. 5

    Deploy your reports - enjoy the results!

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    "The ReportWriters team created automated reports for management to get a clear overview of our sales pipeline, allowing our team to focus on winning more work."
    --Heather Carrigher

    Tendering and Marketing Manager, Bibby HydroMap

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    "Our custom dashboard from ReportWriters allows us to monitor our business in real-time, track sales and make strategic decisions. One of the smartest decisions we have made as a company."
    --Lee Trett

    Owner & Director of Echo Finance & Advisor Leads